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Welcome! This is the first in a series of #RunTheNumbers posts I intend to write about Bitcoin where I will focus on data analysis and/or interesting topics around Bitcoin data. This also marks the first time I am writing publicly about Bitcoin!

For this first edition I want to focus…

Ralph C. Merkle (not pictured above), born 1952, is one of the founding fathers of Public Key Cryptography. Throughout his career he has developed and contributed to a list of monumental cryptographic systems, some of which are embedded in the backbone of the online protocols and applications we rely on…

Today information travels between computers and mobile devices at a rate which would have been unimaginable just a decade ago. How is it possible that a person in Hong Kong can tweet a photo which another person in New York City can retweet less than one second later? …

“Password Systems in general are not a very good way to authenticate. […] They’re hard to remember unless you pick an easy one to remember, in which case it’s not secure.”

Mike Pound, CS & infosec researcher, University of Nottingham

Passwords are Hard

Passwords are so hard in fact that there are…

The Panopticon, artist rendering.

The Digital Panopticon

The ‘Panopticon’, or the ‘Inspection House’ is a type of prison designed by the late 18th century philosopher Jeremy Bentham. Its design is such that a single security guard can sit in a central tower and monitor a large number of inmates through the clever placement of lights and mirrors…

Eric Blander

Data Science | Data Engineering | Python Development

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